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    Folks, I thought it was time to offer a quick Team Blog tutorial so you can share your leg of the adventure as the time comes. Its a tiny bit complicated, so this entry is an effort to help make it easier. It should quickly enable you to post your own entry.

    First I suggest you type your text in an editor outside the blog engine, like word or notepad, ect. This will allow you to have a copy in case your post fails to save when you enter it into the Team Blog.

    When you have your images ready _ suggest no more than 1200 Pixels Wide and no more than 800 pixels Long then you can access the blog from the main menu as shown in the attached menu image.


    Once you arrive to the next screen you'll need to create a new post.



    Click on the icon with the red circle and that will open up a blog editing screen like the one below, there will be several things we will discuss on this next screen.  Remember, you can't hurt anything here so if there is any sort of issue you can contact me for herlp.  Please note all the areas with red markings.

    Lets start in the upper right corner of the screen and click on the circle with the ICON. Next click on the Associations Tab below it and then click on Project nikko.  Finally, at the bottom unclick the GlassBlogs and Check the Team Blog.



    Now your ready to enter your Nikko blog entry.  Give it a title so people know where the lens is at and then enter your text.  You can use the tool bar on the editor to add images and links.

    To Embbed a Link or Image in your post, you can use the ICONs I have circled in the image below.



    Let's explore uploading an image first:

    Select a place in your post where you want to insert the image.  Click there so the cursor is active in that spot.

    Click on the Image Intert Button on the toolbar.


    Click on the picture ICON on the right side to upload an image unless you want to directly enter a URL to the desired image from another site.  If you do use a link instead of an upload skip below to see how to format and insert the image into your post.



    Browse for an image on your computer.



    Select and open the image.


    Upload your image.  This will bring you back to the Insert Image Dialouge box as shown below where you will select the formating parameters for your image.



    You can give the Image an Alt TAG [Users will see the tag if they hover their mouse over the image], just accept the default if you dont want anything special, otherwise enter your own Tag in Alternate Tag as show above and circled in Orange.

    Set your image size.  About 900-1000 pixles wide works well for this size.  If you enter the width and leave proportional checked the height will automatical be seet when you click outside the size box. 

    Next slect the Alignment pull down and center your image.

    Make sure your image is selected in the list of images under name.

    Click insert.

    This will place your image at the location your cursor was last selected.

    If you forget the formating you can click on the image in the post, click the image icon again and set your formating and click insert again to update the image.

    You can repeat this to insert as many images as you want.  You can also upload your images all at once inthe Browse and File Seclect phase of the process and then simply use the insert dialouge to select and insert the uplaoded files which will all be there in the file list in the insert dialouge box.

    Next lets look at inserting a link:

    Place your cursor where you want the link to be displayed.  You can also highlight text you want to be linked in your post and it will make the text the link.

     Click on the insert link button.


    Everything is done using this dialouge.

    Enter in the destimation Link.

    Give it an Alt Tag if desired

    Slect new window as a target, this will pop up a new window for your link so that when the user is done and closes it they will find your post again where they left off.

    You can title the destination page if you want.  

    Click on insert and your done. 

    You can repeat this as many times as you want.  remember, if your linking to an image you want to be displayed inline in your post to use the Image Icon and not the link Icon.  

    Editing Text

    Honestly, its often easier to edit your text in an editor like MS Word, pages or other before entering it into the site.  To avoid funky formatting and special weird characters use the Past Icon on the toolbar as shown below.  This will pop up a dialouge you can paste your text into and maintain the structure of your text and remove issues that can result by directly pasting from an editor.  Any images embedded in your text will not be displayed though.  You'll need to isnert those afterwards manually as shown above.


    As you can see, for a web based editor you have a tool bar full of options to help you format your blog post entry.

    Once your done click publish and your done!

    If you see a mistake, no worries, you can go back and edit your blog by visiting the page and clicking the Icon in the upper right corner, select edit and the editor screen will appear again,  You can make your changes and publish again.

    Thats all theire is to it!





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    NG Mug

     $16.95 at Zazzle

    Get it here 10/13/2015 @


    Member Store 


    Have a cool T-shirt or Mug Idea and a place where you can share your creations with our member?  This is the place!


    Just post your item in the store thread on the Site News, Suggestions and Help Forum.

    This is a link to some sites where you can create and sell your own designs, please feel free to share others with us as well.

    Dont forget to checkout our members Sell and Trade forum for gear deals you can trust from site members.  

    Stayed tuned and if your the creative type, start those creative juices and make us some cool stuff!


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